Toxic Crusaders – Not Your Typical Garbage

This 1991 very tone downed cartoon was based on the R rated films of the “Toxic Avenger”. Concentrating on our hero Toxie and a bunch of superhero misfits who combated pollution. (Which was very trendy at the time). It was comprised of 13 episodes and a bit edgier than other cartoons at the time with many jokes aimed for adult audiences.

Toxie was no longer a vigilante but now a law abiding citizen and his signature mop for the cartoon version became its own sentient being from being exposed to Toxic waste and be more like a sidekick to the Toxic Avenger.

The villains from the show come from the planet “Smogula” where pollution is like fresh air who work with the corrupt Mayor of Tromaville.

The Toxic Crusaders who helped Toxie were No-Zone: a test pilot who crashed into a silo of radioactive pepper. Major Disaster: who was able to control plants after falling into a radioactive swamp. Headbanger: a composite of a two headed being one a surfer like dude and the other a mind scientist. Junkyard: a mixture of both a homeless man and junkyard dog when lightning stuck toxic waste that was covering both of them.

Villains consisted of Czar: ruler of Smogula. Dr. Killemoff: who has somewhat of a human appearance. Psycho: an obese bio-mechanical being. Bonehead: a former bully now transformed by toxic waste into a being with a skeletal appearance. Max Brody: the corrupt mayor. Polluto: A living oil slick monster created by Dr. Killemoff. General GarBage: A Smogulan general. The Foot soldiers of Dr. Killemoff: the Radiation rangers.

Other notable characters: Blobbie: Toxie’s pet. Yvonne Toxie’s buxom blonde girlfriend. Mrs. Junko Toxie’s mom. Lloyd: friend of Toxie. Snailman an ally of Toxie. Mower Man an ally of Dr. Killemoff.

Playmates released a toy line in the USA with glow in the dark accessories to mimic glowing toxic waste with the tag line “They’re gross, but they still get girls!”. 9 Characters in total were made along with some very unconventional vehicles. Loose figures can be found for $10 and new on card $60- $120 depending on figure and condition.

The 9 regular size figures that were released in 1991 were: Bonehead, Headbanger, Major Disaster, Psycho, Toxie, Radiation Ranger, Nozone, Junkyard & Dr. Killemoff. As well you could purchase a larger size 10” version of Toxie.

Vehicles included: Apocalypse Attackcopter, Hideous Hovercraft, Toxic Turf Surfer, Smogcycle (sells for about $125 New in box) & Crusader Skater. The vehicles can be found loose for about $20 each and boxed new for $100 – $500 depending on how mint the box is and rarity of the vehicle.

Playmates also released Toxic ooze, like the TMNT figures called Retromutagen Ooze. Some toys were packed with Toxic tips on how to make a mess.

There was a series of Comic Books released by Marvel in the USA and in the UK Fleetway published their own comic book line of 10 issues. There were coloring books made, Junior novels, a board game, puzzles, a card game and a video games for Gameboy, Sega & Nintendo, respectively. Trading Cards, Halloween costumes, a watch (sells for $65 new) and Colorforms (sells for $45 new) could also be found.

2007 saw a release of a 7” Toxie version released by Sota
In 2017 super 7 or ReAction figures released a retro version consisting of 5 different versions of Toxie. In 2020 they released 6 more figures: New version of Toxie along with Radiation Ranger, Junkyard, Dr. Killemoff, Headbanger & Major Disaster. There is also a Entertainment Earth special edition that they partnered with to make.

The cartoon can be found on old DVD releases. There were talks of a live action version of the cartoon being made but it never materialized.

Keith Drake

The Toxic Avenger (1984)

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