The Toxic Avenger (1984)

Directed by Michael Herz & creator Lloyd Kaufman This campy 1984 release starred Mark Torgl.
Melvin Ferd works as a janitor for a health club and is your typical 98 lb. nerd always being harassed by the clients. Always being tormented by the club members one day they go too far, and Melvin falls into a toxic waste drum causing him to gain superhuman strength and size but also transforms him into a hideously deformed creature.

Criminal Cigar Face and his gang plan to castrate a police officer, but Melvin arrives and violently Kills the gang as Cigar face escapes but leaves behind a mop on the face of the criminals as a call sign. Now a hero who goes by the nickname “Toxie” he makes the local junkyard his home.
Toxie who some see as a vigilante saves a blind woman named Sarah who is blind from thugs and brings her back home where they romance blossoms. Toxie also takes revenge on the health club members that caused his transformation

Through the course of the film we find it is the Mayor of Tromaville behind all the crime and as Toxie puts an end to his nefarious ways we are rest assured the Toxic Avenger will be the protector the town needs.

Several sequels were made and a rebooted Film version is in the works at the time of this writing.

A very toned down cartoon version of the movie was made for kids along with a toy line of product. 

Keith Drake

Toxic Crusaders – Not Your Typical Garbage

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