The Incredible Shrinking Man 1957

The Incredible Shrinking Man – 1957

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Our incredible story was released by Universal-International Pictures Co., Inc. in 1957 and starred Grant Williams and Randy Stuart as Scott & Louise Carey. Directed by Jack Arnold, based on the screenplay and book by Richard Matheson.

The Incredible Shrinking Man - 1957While relaxing on his Brother’s boat off of the California coast a strange mist envelopes the boat and exposes Scott who is topside while his wife is down below safe getting him a beer. Several months later when retrieving his laundry, he notices that his clothes are too big. He is convinced the laundry gave him the wrong clothes back until his wife points out his monogram on the shirt proving they are in fact his own clothes. As Scott finds himself continuing to Shrink, he seeks out advice from doctors and although he is healthy, he is continuing to shrink. Scott tell his wife of the predicament and offers her a chance out of their marriage, but Louise promises to stick to her vows as Scott’s wedding ring falls from his finger.The Incredible Shrinking Man 1957As Scott’s shrinking becomes a national curiosity, he is advised to write down in a journal his experiences to support him and his wife since he is unable to drive and continue working. Believing his condition is humiliating Scott lashes out at Louise who is reduced to tears in despair. All though a cure has been found if administered it would stop his shrinking, but he would forever stay be stuck at 52 lbs. and 3’ tall. He is told he would stay that way forever unless a cure is found. Scott tries to accept the situation – but in the end becomes frustrated and leaves his home enraged.

The Incredible Shrinking Man 1957At a coffee shop nearby Scott is befriended by a sideshow carnival dwarf named Clarice. With some encouragement from her he begins to continue writing his journal. After a few weeks Scott continues to shrink, and he returns home in frustration. As further shrinking occurs he eventually moves into a dollhouse all along berating his wife as he wants to end his wretched existence. Upon returning from running an errand Louise finds a bloody scrap of clothing from a battle between the cat & Scott. Assuming he is dead she unaware he is actually trapped in the basement.

The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957)While is the basement Scott finds a new nemesis in the form of a spider. After a while of exploring his surroundings, the water heater explodes flooding it. Louise goes down below to investigate, however Scott being so small she can not hear his plea. In the end we see Louise move out of the house and Scott finally triumph over the spider and the acceptance of his own existence, that he will still go on as he continues to shrink smaller till he reaches atomic size.

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