The Book of Eli (2010)


Starring Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman and Mila Kunis released in 2010.  A tale of a post-apocalyptic world where our hero Eli (Washington) is told by a mysterious voice to deliver a relic of an old book to the west coast.  Barefoot across America he fights and battles his way as he journeys through a wasteland.

Ruthless Carnegie (Oldman) a warlord lies in wait in a derelict town that Eli must pass through. Carnegie wants the book for his own to control the people.  At first Carnegie tries to befriend Eli and have him seduced by Solara (Kunis) but Eli refuses.  Finding out that Eli has the book he has sought orders him to be killed.  Eli defeats Carnegie’s henchmen and leaves Carnegie gunshot wounded.  On his way out of town Solara follows in hopes of traveling along with him on his journey.  Eli explains to Solara his book is the last remaining copy and it must reach the west coast.

Eventually Carnegie and his men catch back up to Eli and Solara and are able to retrieve the book and head back to their wasteland of a town thinking they have left Eli for dead.  Solara is able to save Eli and brings him west across the golden gate bridge and rows him out to Alcatraz island. Once on Alcatraz they find a group of people who are intent on preserving music and literature.

In the end we find Eli was blind the whole time and memorized the book he was carrying which just so happened to be in Braille.  Carnegie back in his town is dying from his gunshot wound also finds the book to be in Braille and unable to read it loses control of his wasteland.  Eli also mortally wounded is able to recite the entire book – “THE BIBLE” – as is it is printed in word form anew. Solara leaves to travel the badlands back home.

Keith Drake


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