SilverHawks are no Thundercats!!!

This was supposed to be the answer / sequel to Thundercats once it went off the air. What we got was a space-based version called Silverhawks by the same company & voice cast.
Silverhawks are a group of heroes that are part real and part metal. The Cartoon takes place in a Galaxy called Limbo is the 26th century. Commander Stargazer a bionic policeman recruits a group of heroes to fight Mon*Star an alien mob boss.

Silverhawks 1986
The main Silverhawks recruited are: Quicksilver, Bluegrass, Steelheart & Steelwill & the Copper Kidd. There are other minor Silverhawks and supporting characters through out the cartoons run. The main adversaries were an array of galactic Mon*Star mob villains. Some of these included Yes-man, Hardware, Melodia, Windhammer, Poker-face, Buzz-saw and a slew of other mobsters.
There were 2 waves of toys that were released. Silverhawks 1986As with Thundercats LJN was lined up to do the toys and marketing but they passed on the deal and Kenner got the rights to produce the toys. The 2nd wave was and is much tougher to find due to the fact the show only lasted one year and not much was produced for the 2nd wave since the show was canceled. A good majority of the shows heroes and villains were represented in the action figure line. The Vehicles they used were also well represented like the Tally-Hawk, Stronghold, Maraj, Sky shadow, & Sky runner.
One interesting vehicle that was produced by Kenner the sprint hawk which was created for this line would be used again. The mold was reused to create the 1990 Batman Batjet for the Dark Knight collection just repainted slighty reshaped – but for all intense purposes the exact same vehicle.

For the most part you can find most of the action figures with their companion birds online in used good condition for about $20 each and the vehicle for about $30. Mint figures on card starting about $80 and the Vehicles mint in box start about $200. With a little patience and watching online sites you can still get some of these mint toys to add to your collection and maybe even complete it for just a few thousand if this is the one toy line you covet. For some reason there seems to be an abundance of Buzz-saw figures for sale more so than any other figure.

Silverhawks 1986
Beside the Kenner toy line not many tie-ins were associated with Silverhawks. You could find some play-doh sets, colorforms sets, a water gun, keychains, mighty fighting tops, party and school supplies but not much else. Mexico did release a bootleg version of the figures during the time the cartoon aired on television
Silverhawks was released on DVD in two different volumes. There was some talk of a movie being made back in 2017 with Andrew Lincoln, Justin Timberlake, Chris Pratt & Kate Beckinsale. Maybe it will still happen.


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