Saturn 3 – Angel in Space

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Farrah Fawcett the sexy & stunning Charlie’s Angels woman who stole all of our hearts, once again steals our time as we watch her on the big screen cinema in Saturn 3. The movie also stars Kirk Douglas and Harvey Keitel.


The distant future is overcrowded on Earth, and research is done on remote space stations scattered through out the universe. One such station is run by Adam and his much younger lover and colleague Alex who have been serving for 3 years aboard Saturn’s 3rd moon. Alex has never been to Earth so human experiences to her is not well known. Captain Benson arrives at the space station with intent of eventual replacing scientists aboard these research stations with a new kind of robot that relies on brain tissue extracted from human fetuses. The Robot is programed by being linked to Captain Benson’s brain functions.


The robot starts to take on the human characteristics of Benson including his homicidal nature which Benson had proved earlier in the film he was prone too. The robot also now inhabits a sexual lust and desire for Alex. As the robot starts to rebel against its planned programing Benson and Adam remove the robots’ brain as it is re-charging. Adam commands Benson to dismantle the robot and return to earth. The robot remains functional enough to take control of the other robots on the space station, by doing so he re-builds himself along with reconnecting his brain.


Benson tries to leave the space station in his ship by dragging Alex along with him. The robot kills Benson and destroys his ship leaving Alex and Adam alone with the robot on the station with no way off. Alex and Adam flee to the control room where they think they are safe but are tricked by the robot and captured. Adam realizing that the robot is trying to link with him as he did with Benson earlier. Adam realizes the only way to destroy the robot is to sacrifice himself and blow up not only himself but the robot in process. Alex now alone we see in the final see aboard an earth bound ship.


Keith Drake