Invasion of the Saucer Men – 1957

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As a spaceship lands in a small town on a Saturday night we find Joe and Art two friends who find themselves on the outs with one another and decide to go their separate ways. Joe a drunk hops in his car to search for girls while Art returns to their room. While driving Joe sees the spaceship land. Meanwhile a teenage couple Johnny and Joan are making out in the woods nearby as it lands. Joe Returns to Art to tell him of his find, but he assumes that he is just drunk.

Invasion of the Saucer Men - 1957During this time the Military learns of the spaceship landing and a jeep of soldier’s head to lover’s landing the site of the spaceship, but along the way the jeep almost collides with the teenager’s car forcing the teenagers to hit an alien severing the alien’s hand. The hand takes on a life of its own and stalks the teenager’s as they leave the site where they ran over the alien. Joe leaves art once again and heads back to the site himself. Upon seeing the run over alien Joe has plans to store the alien in a refrigerator to prove what he was real but is killed by another saucer man.Invasion of the Saucer Men - 1957When the teenagers eventually make their way back to their car, they are surrounded by other saucer men and must escape. At this time the military is trying to open the spaceship, but upon doing so explode and disintegrate the ship. Upon escaping the aliens, the teenagers steal a patrol car but the severed hand stalking them makes it way into the patrol car and attacks the Joan. The teenagers are able to trap the severed hand in the car and through a strange turn of events shine a spotlight on the severed hand making it evaporate. As this happens, they are again confronted by the saucer men and must escape. Eventually making there way back to lover’s landing and with the help of other teenagers they surround the Saucer men with tier cars and shine their headlights upon them, this panics the aliens as they begin to emit smoke and explode.Invasion of the Saucer Men - 1957Directed by Edward L. Cahn, the movie starred Steven Terrell and Gloria Castillo along with Frank Gorshin (the “Riddler” from Batman T.V. series of the 1960”s) and was released by American International Pictures. The movie is also known as “Invasion of the Hell Creatures” & “Spacemen Saturday night”

Invasion of the Saucer Men, 1957 trailer: