Cat-Women of the Moon (1953)

This fun little campy black and white 3-D picture show was released in 1953 and directed by Arthur Hilton. The movie starred Sonny Tufts, Victor Jory, and Marie Windsor.

Deep with-in one of the moon’s cavern there exists the last surviving race of a 2,000,000 old civilization known as the Cat-women, and a pair of humongous Moonspiders. With beehive hair & black unitards they plan on stealing an expedition spaceship that came from earth. The moon’s cavern can no longer sustain them and in the words of their queen, “We will get their women under our power, and soon we will rule the whole world”!

Through telepathic powers they control the single female from the expedition and use her to help them maintain control of the men using their feminine wiles and superior intellect. “Show us their weak points. We’ll take care of the rest” one of the cat-woman exclaims.

The cat-woman can also teleport unseen from place to place in the cavern. Using this ability they steal the crew’s spacesuits and are able to make the crew confront the two moon-spiders. Unable to dispose of the men the cat-woman try to manipulate them through food, drink and talking.
After the cat-woman learn to pilot the ship one of the crew is killed while another cat-woman falls in love and tells another crew member the cat-woman’s plan. The rest of the crew is able to escape and return back to earth only after killing the Queen of the cat-women.

Keith Drake

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