BRAVESTARR – Can’t save Filmation

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The whole concept of how “BraveStarr” became a cartoon actually goes back to Filmations “Ghostbusters” days. While working on that show a character Tex Hex was created but pulled so a new show could be developed around him. “BraveStarr” was the result of that development an animated American space western.

Although Tex Hex was not allowed to fight the “Ghostbusters” or conquer over “BraveStarr” he did in the end beat Filmation into the ground as this was the last produced cartoon for Filmation which ceased to exist in 1989 after the run of the show.


Basis of the show was a multi-cultural desert planet called New Texas during the 23rd century. Orbited by 3 suns and 1957 light years from earth. A red mineral fuel source called Kerium is the driving force for conflict among the characters. As with other Filmation Series a lesson or moral was applied to every episode.

The Heroes were: Marshal Bravestarr, a Native American who called on spirit animals to obtain superhuman feats. Thirty/Thirty BraveStarr’s chief deputy & Equestroid. Judge J.B. McBride a lawyer & judge. Shaman “BraveStarr’s mentor.


The top villains were: Stampede, the Carrion Bunch, Tex Hex – BraveStarr’s rival, Outlaw Skuzz, Cactus head, Viper, Sand Storm and Thunder Stick.
There was a slew of other supporting characters and villains.

A year before the show premiered you could already find these large 8” figures on toy shelves. There almost 50 licensed items at a cost of $15 million dollars that were shipped to stores initially. Water guns, linens, lunchboxes, Halloween costumes, colorforms, view master reels, a 3-d comic book, a video game and more all could be found.


Mattel would end up producing the 8” figures with Kerium nuggets enclosed were for at the time very large compared to other toys on the market. The artwork on the box was like what you saw on Masters of the Universe packaging. Figures were released in a windowed box. Besides the figures you were able to add some great accessories and play sets to the collection. “Fort Kerium” command center could be purchased individually and purchase the Planetary Jail & Kerium Bank boxed together, to make the town. Or you could buy all three building one easy to go packaged box set. “Stratocoach” no horses needed. A laser-fire backpack.

Considering the fact that almost 50 licensed items were produced you will find very little online being sold except for a few hundred action figures both used, new and just about a handful of playsets to make the town. Prices start for used figures at about $10 with mint in package figures starting at $70. Mint new in the box “Stratocoach” and as well as the command center, jail and bank depending on what version you get will put you back at least $350


The complete series can be found on DVD and compilations can be found on VHS.
Would love to see this cartoon turned into a big live action Hollywood movie starring Jason Momoa.

Keith Drake

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